Uit WaaaghPedia

Website https://octoprint.org/
Community https://community.octoprint.org/
Documentatie https://docs.octoprint.org/en/master/
Versie 0.17


  1. Download Octoprint
  2. Flash het op een SD kaart.
  3. Start je PI
  4. Ga naar de interface http://octopi.local
  5. en volg de stappen die de website presenteert

OctoPrint Settings

GCODE SAcripts

Before print job starts

G28 ; home all axes (X, Y, and Z)

After print job completes

G1 X0 Y280 F9000; Presenteer bed.


Waarschuwing, Shit is not up to date


  • AutomaticShutdown
  • CR-10 Leveling

Extra Software installeren

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv git libyaml-dev build-essential


sudo apt-get update

pip install --upgrade pip


# Open a root shell
sudo -i

# Change to the /etc/ssl directory, where certificates are stored.
cd /etc/ssl/

# Request a new self-signed certificate, with a 10-year expiration, and 4096-bit RSA key
# It will ask you a lot of questions for details to put in the certificate.
openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 3650 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout newcert.key -out newcert.crt

# Concatenate the new key and self-signed certificate into a single file the way HAProxy likes it
# Feel free to use a different name than 'snakeoil.pem' so long as you edit haproxy.cfg to match
cat newcert.crt newcert.key > snakeoil.pem

# Restart HAProxy so that the new certificate takes effect.
systemctl restart haproxy

# Leave the root shell and go back to normal.